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Opening keynote: Setting the scene: How is West Africa expanding their generation and transmission capacity? What does this mean for Nigeria?
  • 9:30: Chairman welcome address
  • 09:35: Keynote Sponsor welcome address
  • 09:45: Collaboration in West Africa: Regional generation and transmission master plans
  • 10:05: Nigeria’s Power Sector Recovery Program (PSRP): Operational and technical intervention, addressing governance issues and policy-based support
  • 10:25: Ministerial remarks: Nigeria’s energy mix and the role of the private sector to harness power sector growth
11:00 Networking lunch break. Dignitaries and delegates to be escorted to the expo floor for an exhibition tour

Working towards financial viability in Nigeria’s electricity sector

  • 13:00: Increasing investment and improving service quality in the power sector: Exploring the contractual framework and criteria on the Eligible and Meter Asset Provider Regulation
  • 13:20: Panel discussion: What is working and what needs to be changed to reach a financially viable electricity sector?
  •    How can you ensure government entities pay their electricity bills?
  •    What is the impact of the Eligible Customer regulation for the distribution companies?
  •    How can distribuition companies find alternative revenue streams to traditional income?
  •    How can you sweat your assets?
              14:30 Networking break & expo

              How can a customer centric organisaiton improve revenue collection?

              • 15:00: Case study: The importance of customer service
              • 15:15: From high revenue to village customers: How do you segment customers and tailor your approach to them and what is the impact on ATC&C loss reduction?
              • 15:30: Panel discussion: How can distribution companies improve their customer engagement?
              •    Business case: Exploring the link between customer engagement and revenue losses
              •    How can the Nigerian power sector raise their public perception?
              •    How do we bridge the deficit of trust between the consumer and the operators?
              •    How are distribution companies harnessing mobile payment platforms to support customer service experience and increase revenue?
              •    What are the different methods of engaging ‘Village Poor’ customers?

              19:00 Exclusive dinner

              WEDNESDAY 14 NOVEMBER

              Protecting your assets from theft: Upgrading your physical and cyber security strategies

              • 9:30: How are you securing your organisation against a cyber attack?
              • 9:45: What strategies are working well against theft?
              • 10:00: Panel discussion: How can utilities better secure physical assets and data?
              •    Audits: How are you identifying weaknesses in your physical security and what should you be doing differently?
              •    Are your customers reporting theft?
              •    Innovation in securing assets: Can drones be used in survelliance?
                  11:00 Networking coffee break

                  A-Z of a successful meter roll-out
                  • 11:30:Understanding the Meter Asset Provider (MAP) regulation ambition and ensuring your project is commercially viable
                  • 11:45: Evaluating the Nexus of Meter Roll Out, Network Topology and ATC Losses
                  • 12:00: Reserved Presentation for Oracle
                  • 12:15: Panel discussion: Considerations for distribution companies when planning a meter roll out
                  •    What questions should distribution companies ask meter companies ahead of a meter roll out? Price vs quality and lifespan
                  •    What standards and specifications are essential for a meter roll out?
                  •    What are the technical skills required from your teams and how can you train them?
                  •    How to attain an importers certification?
                  12:45 Networking lunch & expo

                  Achieving optimal performance from your meter roll-out

                  • 14:00: Utility tips: Getting the most from a meter programme
                  • 14:15: Reserved Presentation - Nigerian Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NIEEE)
                  • 14:30: Panel discussion: How can you use technology to work smarter, not harder to increase revenues?
                  •    How can customer data support a utility’s strategic decisions?
                  •    How are telecommunications operators supporting meter roll outs? How can you ensure the interoperability on devices and systems?
                  •    Which meter specifications are most secure against theft?

                  15:30 End of conference

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