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 Turgo Turbine

The Turgo Impulse was designed  by Gilkes in 1919 to operate at a higher speed and with a higher efficiency across a broad flow range.  The Turgo is operational on silt laden water over long periods with minimum wear.  Gilkes have installed over 1000 Turgo’s Worldwide.

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 Mini Grid Solutions for Rural Electrification

Gilkes design, manufacture, install and commission turnkey hydropower systems from 50kW up to 20MW. Our systems are designed to individual customer requirements, which enable us to provide the best solution possible.

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 Plant Modernisation and Optimisation
  • Site Surveys & condition Assessments
  • Control System Upgrades
  • Digital Automation & Monitoring
  • Complete Turbine Replacement
  • Full Project Management

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Transmission and Distribution
  CMC 430
 CMC 430 is a ultra-portable protection testset and calibrator. It´s the ideal source based calibrator and combines outstanding performance as relay tester and calibrator with hybrid measurement and recording facilities.
TESTRANO 600 is the world’s first portable three-phase power transformer test system, which supports electrical tests on power transformers for routine and diagnostic testing onsite or during factory acceptance tests. 
  COMPANO 100 
COMPANO 100 is the universal and easy to use solution for all types of basic testing duties in electrical energy systems. It weighs only 10kg and is battery operated. 
  CPC 100
 With the universal primary injection testset CPC 100 electrical tests on power transformers, current and voltage transformers, rotating machines, grounding systems, lines and cables, and circuit breakers can be performed.
  TOTAL Solar Home Solution (SHS) 

TOTAL Solar Home Solution (SHS) is a premium & reliable residential energy product designed to address power deficiency/gap in Nigerian homes and to help reduce carbon emissions from residential power generation via fossil fuel generators. 

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