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Opening keynote: Setting the scene: How is West Africa expanding their generation and transmission capacity?

  • 9:30: Chairman welcome address
  • 09:35: Keynote Sponsor welcome address
  • 09:45: Collaboration in West Africa: Regional generation and transmission master plans
  • 10:05: Nigeria’s Power Sector Recovery Program (PSRP): Operational and technical intervention, addressing governance issues and policy-based support
  • 10:25: Ministerial remarks: Nigeria’s energy mix and the role of the private sector to harness power sector growth
11:00 Break and expo

Renewable Energy Solutions
  • 13:30: Panel disucssion: How can Nigeria finance rapid integration of renewable energy?
  •            Is renewable energy more bankable than thermal in Nigeria?
  •            What DFI funding is available for renewable energy projects? Both on-grid and off-grid
  •            What is the appetite from local commercial banks?
  •            Understanding what other grants and funds are available
  • 14:30: A behind the meter, Industrial microgrid application – a techno-economic analysis, and lessons learnt
        14:45 Break & expo

        Mini and mico grid solutions and success stories

        • 15:15: Case study: Community mico grid pre-development preparedness and challenges
        • 15:30: Solar Hybrid Microgrids:Commercial & Industrial Applications
        • 15:45: Panel discussion: Where are the business opportunities for Nigeria’s energy access?
        •            What mini-grid business models are working well for Nigeria?
        •            Utilising hybrid micro-grids to enhance grid sustainability and energy access

        17:00 Networking function


        Advancing Gas-to-Power in Nigeria
        • 09:30: Panel discussion: Gas in Nigeria’s generation mix-How can gas complement renewables?
        • 10:30: Innovative lubricants to cope with new energy challenges
        • 11:30: Panel Discussion: How is the LNG/CNG industry supporting gas generation industries?
        • 12:15: Achieving sustainable safety culture in the power industry
        12:00 Break & expo

        Solutions for large power users: Reducing bills and installing the right solution for your business

        • 13:45: Dispatchable Power for Nigerian Industry
        • 14:00: Advances in Energy Storage
        • 14:15: Panel discussion: Tips for reducing energy consumption and bills
        •            Energy performance standards and labels identifying energy efficient applicances
        •            Approaches to training your staff to reduce energy consumption
        • 15:00: Is waste to energy viable for your business?

        16:00 End of expo

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